My take on Swedish cinnamon buns


Swedish cinnamon buns | La Gallette

I first saw these amazing cinnamon buns (would you look at them?!) on a fox in the kitchen and I knew I had to make them. I’m not a huge bread fan nor do I really enjoy baking breads as much as I do cakes but these won me over for some reason…

Breads are often baked in your home oven, my mum had a phase where she would bake bread endlessly. Seeded bread, saffron bread. All the breads, but there was one in particular that caught my eye.

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A gluten-free citrus almond cake and a new look


Gluten-free citrus almond cake | La Gallette

This place has a new look!

I’ve been thinking about a new design for a long time now and it’s great to see the blog wearing a new look. Tabitha, the most amazing designer (those illustrations!) helped convert my idea for the blog to reality. So thanks, Tabitha, for being patient with me!

The blog is now more practical, with a ‘search by ingredient’ feature located in the recipes page and a press page, listing all the people, blogs and company’s I’ve had the opportunity to work with. The updated about page has a new FAQ section where I post some frequent questions I receive, this includes where I get my props, what camera I use, etc…

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My sugar-free Christmas



As you may well know, I started this blog as a way to share my thoughts, my bakes and my adventures. In saying that, I also share what I believe and support.

This is why I’ve teamed up with Sweeter Life Club to bring to you some of my favourite sugar-free Christmas recipes which will be a part of the Sugar-free Christmas E-book, jam-packed with over 30 scrumptious sugar-free recipes.


With 100% of the proceeds donated to the Juvenille Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) of Australia, you can help support Type 1 diabetes research as well as helping out families reduce the amount of sugar they consume during the holiday season.

Type 1 diabetes can occur at any age, it can be a frightening experience and as time goes on, it’s a constant learning curve. JDRF has developed a support program that provides practical advice for those with Type 1 Diabetes and their families who have been affected by the diagnosis.


The E-book is currently up for pre-order and all pre-ordered edition will receive 5 bonus sugar-free recipes , 2 of which will include my sugar-free Christmas truffles…

A chocolate, almond and lime truffle and a coconut and flaked almond truffle. Ultimate yums.

In the spirit of try-before-you-buy, the team have compiled a tasted with 5 free recipes. If you like what you see- purchase the full E-book!


You can view the sneek-peek here and pre-order the E-book here.

Can’ t wait to hear your thoughts.

Until next time…


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An interview and 12 recipes to share with Crave Life



You might be wondering why I haven’t been posting and sharing recipes quite frequently and that is partly because I’ve been swarmed with freelance work. I haven’t publicized anything to date but earlier this year, a little someone started freelance recipe development, food styling and photography (me!)

I can finally and officially call myself a recipe developer, food stylist and photographer. Super fancy shmancy– I never would have imagined calling myself that!

IMG_2574 IMG_2658

A portfolio is in the works, where I share my work and I hope to see it live sometime next year, very exciting… Continue Reading

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Summer baking with Nourish Magazine



I’ve been waiting on the edge of my seat to tell you about my feature in the latest issue of Nourish Magazine.

These past few months, I’ve had the chance to work with the lovely group at Nourish to bring you a “Dessert special” section to the magazine. A section of fresh citrus flavours, iced treats, layered desserts and (or course) chocolate to accompany the warmer weather here in Australia and I’m so excited to see it in print.


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