Yearly Archives: 2013


Toffee pear muffins

It’s almost Christmas and also the end to another fantastic year. Although I don’t celebrate Christmas I do make all kind of Christmas-y treats. I’ve made some cookies and gingerbread men, fruit mince pies and the list goes on… what kind of sweet treats did you make for Christmas this year?! I’ve cooked and baked […]

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Vanilla and almond chocolate chip cookies

I’ve been experimenting with cookies, trying to find the right texture between crunchy and soft and the right balance of sweetness. I’ve tried peanut butter cookies, oatmeal cookies, carrot cookies and these chocolate chip cookies. Yep, lots of cookies! I tried these cookies yesterday and they are surprisingly good. They are vegan, healthy one bowl […]

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Lemon sheet cake with blueberry and coconut whipped cream

This recipe has been kept in my drafts folder for a while now, waiting for the best time to be published. I made this recipe on Sunday- my day in the kitchen- and I really craved a really tangy and light¬†lemon cake, you know, the one with the ridiculous amount of layers of airy cake […]

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Coconut, cranberry and pecan cookies and cooking vegan

I’ve began to start eating and cooking vegan these past few months due to some digestion issues. I have began to feel healthier and brighter as a result… I’m happy to announce that I have been vegan for two months now and it literally is really easy to eliminate any animal products from my diet. […]

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